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National Television - Rai History: My Interview on Tucci, Kabul, IsMEO, Afghanistan & Gandhara Art

india d'Afghanistan Asiatica.orgInterview of Enrica Garzilli on Tucci. As you know, Giuseppe Tucci had relationships in Afghanistan – he started the archaeological excavation in the Swat Valley, at the border of Pakistan – and was friend of personalities such as Subhas Chandre Bose, who broadcast from Radio Kabul, too, and came to Italy to speak to Mussolini in order to get support for the armed struggle against the British Raj.

This morning my friend HR India of Afghanistan called me from Kabul for “Italy: Trip into Beauty” on Tucci and the Gandhara Art, which was born in an area including Afghanistan, broadcast on the Italian national television channel RAI Storia (RAI History – author Massimiliano Griner).
This is the link to my interview to India titled “Afghanistan, Issues at stake and Viable Solutions: An Interview with H.R.H. Princess India of Afghanistan” on the connection between opium production and foreign powers in the country. Soon I will provide you with the link to the broadcast. Enjoy!


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