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San Polo dei Cavalieri, where Giuseppe Tucci Lived and Left his Body

These are the plaques of the library in San Polo dei Cavalieri, near Rome, where Tucci lived his last years together with his third wife Francesca Bonardi. Here in 1984 he left his earthly body.
(Ph. courtesy Andrea Moi)

Tucci Garzilli San Polo dei Cavalieri1Tucci Garzilli San Polo dei Cavalieri2.


Giuseppe Tucci – the Man

Well, later Mussolini_biografiaI will tell you more details on who was him as a man… For the time being it’s enough to know that he was a very charismatic, arrogant and very self-confident man, proud of his bright intelligence, very talented in languages and… although he was very short, he was a real womanizer!

He had three wives – Rosa De Benedetto, Giulia Nuvoloni and Francesca Bonardi, and so many lovers!

He was a kind of a hunter for women. Sure, at the time the Italian society was strongly patriarchal – it still partly is – and the too many affairs of Benito Mussolini, the country Prime Minister from 1922 to 1943, were a symbol of virility for all Italians.
Benito Mussolini

Still, Tucci’s affairs stood out.

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