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Eugenio Ghersi and Tucci's Languages: Tibetan, Sanskrit, Chinese, Pali, Hebrew, Bangla, Urdu, Iranian, Pashto, Nepali, Mongolian..

Dr. Eugenio Ghersi (1904-1997), Tucci’s physician, photographer and cartographer in the 1933 and 1935 expeditions in Tibet and the 1933 trip in Nepal, said that he knew 22 languages: Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese, Pali, Hebrew, Bangla, Urdu, Iranian, Pashto, Nepali, Mongolian. He knew all these languages to perfection, and many more!



Who was Giuseppe Tucci? Scholar, Explorer, Director of IsMEO, Mussolini's Spokesman

images (2)Tucci was one of the most prominent scholars of 20th century. A native of Italy, from the small town of Macerata, his name and his work are known throughout the world.

Tucci was an explorer in the Himalayan countries during the Fascist regime and the golden years of Christian Democracy, when foreigners were still barred entrance into those lands. He spoke and read in numerous languages, ancient and modern, and was a voracious scholar and insatiable collector of books, manuscripts, art works and archeological artifacts, whether Buddhist, Hindu, Bon, Iranian, Japanese, or from the vast regions of central, southern, and eastern Asia.

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