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Countdown: This is the Book Cover of Il Duce's Explorer

Tucci Cover vol 1

In a few days Il Duce’s Explorer: The Adventures of Giuseppe Tucci and Italian Policy in the Orient from Mussolini to Andreotti. With the Correspondence of Giulio Andreotti should be out. Yesterday the graphic designer has finished the cover and today the whole book should go to the printer.

The book is the 1st out of 9 volumes and it’s the enlarged and revised English translation of the Italian book L’Esploratore del Duce. In this version I have also added some 50 original photos.

The endorsement on the back cover has been written by Michael Witzel, Wales Professor of Sanskrit, Dept. of South Asian Studies, Harvard University, whom I thank.
I want also to thank Paul Arpaia, Professor of History at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and H-Italy Editor, Guglielmo Duccoli, Director of L’Illustrazione Italiana, and Sumit Guha, Professor of History at The University of Texas at Austin and H-Asia Editor, who have both written very flattery words on this book, which are included in the first page after the inside front cover. All the above mentioned scholars have also read the Italian book.

As Italy takes up arms and Mussolini sets his eye on supplanting the British Crown – a fact elegantly and rigorously uncovered by Garzilli in these pages – Giuseppe Tucci manages to maneuver his way through the treacherous landscapes of the Himalayas and of Fascist politics to emerge as the country’s foremost scholar and archaeologist of the Orient. His achievement is monumental, and Garzilli’s monumental biography brings him joyously to life, through archival documents, personal letters, travelogues, lectures, interviews, articles, photographs, films, and her own tireless travels. Here is a hunt in search of a hunter. (Michael Witzel, Wales Professor of Sanskrit, Dept. of South Asian Studies, Harvard University)

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