Giuseppe Tucci – the Man

Well, later Mussolini_biografiaI will tell you more details on who was him as a man… For the time being it’s enough to know that he was a very charismatic, arrogant and very self-confident man, proud of his bright intelligence, very talented in languages and… although he was very short, he was a real womanizer!

He had three wives – Rosa De Benedetto, Giulia Nuvoloni and Francesca Bonardi, and so many lovers!

He was a kind of a hunter for women. Sure, at the time the Italian society was strongly patriarchal – it still partly is – and the too many affairs of Benito Mussolini, the country Prime Minister from 1922 to 1943, were a symbol of virility for all Italians.
Benito Mussolini

Still, Tucci’s affairs stood out.

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