Giovanni Gentile and Giulio Andreotti, Tucci's Supporters

CAFFE' DELLA VERSILIANAAmong Tucci’s notable friends are Giovanni Gentile (1875-1944) and Giulio Andreotti (1919-2013).

Gentile was an Italian philosopher, politician, and close friend of Benito Mussolini. Giulio Andreotti (pictured above) served as a top politician for 40 years, the 41st Prime Minister of Italy, and leader of the Christian Democracy party (Democrazia Cristiana).

Both of these figures stood behind Tucci’s efforts. Without Gentile, he could not have set off on his meteoric career. After 1944, when Gentile was killed, and following the period of Tucci’s purge (1944-47), Andreotti began supporting his expeditions – as well as Tucci himself.

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