Why This Blog on Giuseppe Tucci?

tucci_quadro_nepal1So why did I decide to open the first English blog on Giuseppe Tucci – and on my book Il Duce’s Explorer: The Adventures of Giuseppe Tucci and the Italian Policy in Orient from Mussolini to Andreotti: With the Corrispondence of Giulio Andreotti – published in Italian: Milano: Memori, Rome, Asiatica, Milan, Sept. 2012?:

1. Giuseppe Tucci (1894-1984) was one of the greatest scholars in the world  – on Tibet, India, China, Nepal, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sanskrit, and Asian Studies. He was an excellent historian and also one the leading historians of Tibetan artl.

2. He was and remains to this day famous throughout Asia – India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Central Asia.

3. Tucci is famous not only as a scholar, but as an archeologist, a representative of Mussolini in Japan, as the soul and director of the former IsMEO (Italian Institute for the Middle and Far East, then ISIAO), and.. as a spy!

4. Next to nothing is known on Italian policy in Asia by Benito Mussolini (1921-45) and Giulio Andretti (1947-84), with the exception of Renzo De Felice’s short 1988 book on Arabs, Jews and Indians in Mussolini’s politics.

5. He was my Paramaguru, the teacher of my teachers – the most brilliant representative of the Roman School to which I belong and which has been active now for several centuries.

6. He has profoundly influenced my life.

7.Too little of him is known – in fact, almost nothing has been published on him, and that which has lacks in information and well-known facts.

8. A book on Giuseppe Tucci – and this blog – was greatly in need!

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