When the capital of Tibet was still the mythical «Forbidden City» and Nepal was covered with forests and swamps, when Italy was ruled by the Fascist regime greedily eyeing potential colonial possessions in Asia, a learned and adventurous man was able to enter, alone, where no Western man had set foot before, searching for archaeological treasures from past civilizations.

        Franco Cardini on L'esploratore del Duce - Mussolini's Explorer

        The renewed historian Franco Cardini talks of L’esploratore del Duce – translated into English as Mussolini’s Explorer, as ”two terrific, monumental volumes by Enrica Garzilli”. It describes L’esploratore del Duce in a very enthusiastic way. This is a videoclip of RAI 3, TV program “Il tempo e la Storia – L’Oriente in Italia: Tucci e Maraini” – of May 4, 2016.

        As you might know, the book L’esploratore Del Duce talks about Giuseppe Tucci (1894-1984), one the main explorers, scholars, Tibetologist, Buddhologist and Indologist of last century, and protagonist of the intellectual and political history of Italy and Asia during Fascism and in the first 40 years of the Republic.

        The book reconstructs 20 years of Italian policy in the South and East Asia, which has been neglected so far: Tucci was the right-hand man of Mussolini in India, Nepal, and before the Anticomintern Pact, and after World War 2 in Japan, too. He also played a role under Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, after the war.

        It also reconstructs the intellectual history and diplomatic relations of Italy and Asia through the relationships Tucci with Benito Mussolini, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, Giovanni Gentile, Pandit Nehru, Hem Raj Sharma of Nepal, and the other main protagonists of the history of Asia and Europe.

        The book is being transl. in 9 enlarged and rev. vols. (by T. Portnowitz), Mussolini’ Explorer. The Adventures of Giuseppe Tucci and Italian Policy in the Orient from Mussolini to Andreotti. With the Correspondence of Giulio Andreotti (1st ed. Milan, Nov. 2015).


        Giuseppe Tucci Protagonist of the Twentieth Century

        cap 2 1931c  tucci_consorte TibetGiuseppe Tucci protagonista del Novecento – Teatro Politeama di Tolentino. Saturday 17 h. 5pm in Tolentino (Italy) meeting on Giuseppe Tucci, Mussolini’s Explorer.

        Speakers: I, the philosopher Diego Fusaro and the President of the University of Macerata, the town were Tucci was born.

        My lecture is titled Giuseppe Tucci Scientist, Explorer, Spokesperson of Fascism in the Orient (of course is given in Italian).

        Too bad that you won’t be there!

        (In the picture, Giuseppe Tucci and his second wife Giulia Nuvoloni, Ladakh, ca. 1930)


        Publishers Who Require an Up Front Payment

        A note published on LinkedIn as well since after working hard on my academic and history books – L’esploratore del Duce, 12 years; Mussolini’s Explorer, 2 – I feel outraged. I received two spamming and expensive glossy letters by this publisher, Gruppo Editoriale Albatros (never heard before) to publish paying an up front payment of 2,780 Eu (200 copies)!
        I have always been paid to make research and to write, I wuld never pay to work!

        And it would be useless money, it’s not even an investment. And I explain why.

        Come autore ho pubblicato 9 libri, fra quelli accademici e L’esploratore del Duce e Mussolini’s Explorer, di storia. 12 + 3 anni di duro lavoro, per questo mi sento un po’ oltraggiata.
        Questo l’ho scritto anche su LinkedIn, spero non mi facciano causa.

        contratto Albatros?

        Oggi ho ricevuto a casa per la seconda volta una posta prioritaria di 7 fogli con lungo pippozzo autocelebrativo, contratto e due opuscoli in cartoncino lucido a colori. Sunto del discorso: pubblica la tua opera (200 copie) per 2.780,00 Eu da pagarsi in una, tre o dieci rate.

        1. Prima di tutto: ma chi ti conosce?? Chi ti ha mai contattato? Mai sentito neanche nominare questo gruppo editoriale!


        Elliot Sperling, Tibet and Tucci

        SperlingOn January 29, 2017 Elliot Sperling, a great scholar of Tibet, a strong supporter of the Tibetan cause and a friend of mine, passed away. I was lucky enough to spent some time with him at Harvard – where he taught Tibetan Studies, and I remember him as a wonderful man, humble, honest, and generous. While I was writing L’esploratore del Duce, and then Mussolini’s Explorer, he sent me a couple of books and numberless suggestions and clarifications on Tibet. Elliot Sperling thought that it was impossible to know its civilization without reading Tucci’s work.

        It’s a real loss for everybody, not only the academic world, but also all the people devoted to human rights.


        On Shoah: Giuseppe Tucci, Ernst Bernhard and Antisemitism

        Berndt-imagesA propos of Giuseppe Tucci, the main character of my book Mussolini’s Explorer, and his supposed antisemitism, on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day: Tucci was a nationalist and a spokesperson of Fascism in India and Japan, however, he was not anti-Semitic.

        The Jewish German psychologist Ernst Bernhard, in his book Mitobiografia (Adelphi 1969 and Bompiani 1977), talking of a premonition dream he had in 1935, writes that in 1941 Tucci saved him from being deported to a Nazi concentration camp from a Fascist camp in Calabria. Thanks to Tucci, Bernhard was able to go back to Rome and live hidden at home.


        Giuseppe Tucci, Mussolini's Explorer - 49th Acqui History 2016 Special Award

        Mussolini’s Explorer: The perfect gift to end this year on a high! Mussolini’s Explorer is 49th Acqui History 2016 special award: 1496 pages, 1360 personalities, 13 adventures in Asia and Europe!

        Giuseppe Tucci and Mussolini, Gandhi, Tagore, the XIV Dalai Lama, and the gurus, scholars, and politicians who wrote the History of the 20th century.

        One could hardly imagine a richer and more exciting life than that of Giuseppe Tucci (1894-1984), a scholar who may rightly be considered one of the fathers of modern Oriental Studies and the central protagonist of Fascist cultural policy in Asia. From his first expeditions from the Himalayas to the Ganges, to his encounters with leaders such as Gandhi, Tagore, the Dalai Lama, Subhas Chandra Bose, to his role as Mussolini’s spokesman in India and Japan—Tucci’s is a human adventure tied inextricably to the history of modern Italy, which he himself helped to forge. An adventure retraced in the pages of this book that reads like an adventure novel.
        Tucci cover English Garzillifoto cover Tucci english


        Mussolini's Explorer Given National Recognition in the 49th Premio Acqui History Prize

        L’esploratore del Duce, the Italian full version of Mussolini’s Explorer: The Adventures of Giuseppe Tucci and Italian Policy in the Orient from Mussolini to Andreotti. With the Correspondence of Giulio Andreotti (Vol. 1), has given national recognition in the 49th Premio Acqui Storia prize. It was shortlisted in the History Scientific Session and the reading panel of 60 members awarded it a special plaque as the most read history book. Thanks!

        Here you can read the full report of the ceremony held in Acqui Terme on Saturday, October 15, 2016. It includes the photos of some VIPs. Below the picture of all the prizewinners and my plaque.

        Acqui StoriaPremAriston_EG2_15ott2016

        Acqui Storia premio targa Esploratore_15ott2016

        The Author

        Enrica Garzilli Enrica Garzilli is a scholar of classical and modern Asia. Harvard Alumna, she holds a degree in Sanskrit and Indology from the Oriental School in Rome, where she studied with Tucci’s most famous disciples. She has taught in leading Universities, and regularly publishes in national and international newspapers, magazines, and TV.

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